Our Digital Banking Platform

Our Digital Banking Platform

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Digital Banking

Internet Banking

Our Internet Banking Solution uses advanced web technologies to provide users of financial institutions with maximum security and performance.

Mobile Banking

Our Mobile Banking Apps enable financial institutions to offer their clients a flexible and always-available channel for their daily banking needs.

Web Portal

Web Presence is a crucial variable of business success. Our Web Portal for financial institutions takes advantage of the Nearsoft Content Hub Platform.

Client Onboarding

Time is one of the most precious commodities every individual has, our technology enables users to securely identify and onboard in a fully digital process, saving time and reducing friction for new customers of Financial Institutions.

Online Simulators

A digital process where users can simulate and subscribe to the Bank's credit, saving and insurance products, completely omnichannel.

Core Banking Integration

They are the central piece of most financial institutions, Core Banking Systems have evolved in all simple and complex banking processes.

Online Lending

Our Online Lending Platform enables financial institutions to provide end users with a Fully Online Application Process for lending requests.

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Why choose Nearsoft Digital Banking?

Why we believe we can make this path together!
Digital Banking projects need an open mind and flexible project management approach. Using effective and modern techniques we can deliver results in less time and risks.
Organizations don't need to be vendor locked-in, we develop our product using the best available technologies, having in mind scalability, security and no third-party licensing.
Having a mix of senior engineers and a group of young multidisciplinary creatives and consultants, turn our days into a constant challenge to change the status-quo of the interaction between Financial Institutions and clients all around the world.