The MobilityHub runs on standardized data formats, like GTFS. Ensuring all users see MobilityHub best-in-class information wherever they access their information, including passenger-facing apps and third-party solutions.

End-to-end planning and scheduling for fixed routes

Web Platform

A functionally rich web platform which provides a full range of public transport information. From routes and stops to fares and journey time planning, and everything in between, all in real-time.

Real Business Impact

Using its powerful technology, with Optibus you can model your transportation network (rules and preferences) at the most granular level. We can model any rule and preference, exactly the way it is. In fact, our customers have used our platform to generate significant cost savings, with better on-time performance. 

Modern and Web-based

MobilityHub is a software-as-a-service platform, which means no IT effort, no hardware and continuous feature improvements. With a modern user interface that’s easy to use, training won’t take long and work will immediately become more efficient. Most importantly, our customers are up and running in days, not months.

MobilityHub 1.0

Enjoy greater control, flexibility, and ownership of your data through our fast, open API. Securely extract and save your data from Optibus’ Planning, Scheduling, Rostering, and Calendar - without having to rely on one-off file-based integrations.

Robust and Scalable

MobilityHub was built to support anything from the world’s most complex transit operations to simpler, smaller systems. Our customers use MobilityHub in large cities and even entire countries. This not only provides an accurate and actionable plan; it also saves scheduler time and effort and frees them to work on other areas in the business where their expertise is required.

Strong Analytics & Reporting for Data-Driven Decisions

On top of the built-in business key performance indicators, 360 Analytics lets schedulers and operations executives compare scenarios, publish reports or answer complex questions, turning your operation into a smart, data-driven business.

Why MobilityHub?

At Nearsoft we love integrating with other systems, enriching your Web Portal with real-time data from all available systems "can turn a Web Island into a Web Distributed Ecosystem". 
Our algorithms and technology are truly powerful. Powerful enough for super-fast results. It takes minutes (or fractions of minutes) to create and evaluate complex scenarios that used to take hours or even days. You can even do this daily, responding to changes in your fixed routes with optimal vehicle and crew schedules.
A fully configurable App, for public transport navigation, maps, schedules, and real-time arrivals, with notifications that ensure users never miss a bus.
General Transit Feed Specification or GTFS is powerful as it removes the need to create and maintain company-specific journey planning apps. This means we can quickly and easily consolidate multiple operators' information into a single App.