Content Hub

Content Hub is a web application that enables the creation and publication of content across digital platforms, such as Internet and Mobile Banking, Web Portals and other Mobile Apps. 

Content Hub allows institutions to centralize content management across all digital platforms using one system.


Language Manager

Management of the languages available in the Digital Channels, and respective translation of the contents.

Profile Management

Management of platform users and profiles, and their access permissions for content management.

Blog and News Management

Editing and creation of news/articles (texts, images, documents, among others).

Planned Publications

Ability to schedule certain publications (blog articles, informative and advertising banners, among others).

Messages Management

Ability to edit the content of messages, such as emails, push notifications, error messages, and others.

Advertising Management

Ability to manage the advertising spaces of the platforms integrated into the hub.

Landing Pages

Ability to create landing page advertisements, based on a type structure (the client may subscribe to more than 1 structure).

SEO Features

Features that allow you to optimize the website's positioning in the organic results pages.

Why us? 

Why choose our Content Hub solution? 

Manage the content for all your web platforms, mobile apps and other digital channels.
Integrate the information for multiple channels, and change it only once!

With a user-friendly interface, you can edit and create new content for your channels in a seamless way. The content organization will follow your platform structure to simplify the process.
With the integration of our 360 analytics module, you can have real-time metrics about your channels' content.