Client Onboarding

Time is one of the most precious commodities every individual has, our technology enables users to securely identify and onboard in a fully digital process, saving time and reducing friction for new customers of Financial Institutions.

With Nearsoft Client Onboarding you can scale your client base and reduce operational costs, offering web and mobile interfaces integrated with all your operational systems, taking the omnichannel concept to the maximum level.


Onboarding Mobile Apps

Effortlessly onboard users with our mobile app solution. Streamline the onboarding process with user-friendly interfaces, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for newcomers to your mobile application.

Advanced Mobile App Graphics

Revolutionize client onboarding with the integration of advanced mobile app graphics. Elevate user experience through visually engaging interfaces, ensuring a modern and captivating introduction to your services.

Business Workflow Engine

Optimize your business processes with our advanced workflow engine. Streamline tasks, enhance efficiency, and achieve seamless coordination across your organization, ensuring a robust and automated workflow experience.

Process Management Backoffice

Efficiently manage your onboarding process with our back-office solution. Streamline tasks, enhance coordination, and ensure a smooth onboarding experience for your clients with our comprehensive management system.

Crypto Institutions Friendly

Simplify client onboarding for crypto institutions with our user-friendly process. Seamlessly integrate new clients into the crypto space, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for both you and your customers.

KYC Process

Accelerate your KYC (Know Your Customer) process with our streamlined solution. Ensure compliance seamlessly and efficiently, verifying customer identities with precision and security.

Core Agnostic

Ensure versatility in client onboarding with our core-agnostic approach. Seamlessly integrate our solution with diverse cores, providing a flexible and adaptable onboarding process tailored to your unique business requirements.


Streamline your onboarding process with our omnichannel solution. Seamlessly integrate new users across various channels, ensuring a cohesive and efficient experience that spans online and offline interactions.