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Our Unique Solutions

Insurance Hub

Our Platform was built using modern technologies in order to provide users of insurance institutions with maximum security and performance. 


The MobilityHub runs on standardized data formats, like GTFS.

360 analytics

A fundamental tool to gain insights and leverage business, either in terms of technical or sales improvements.


We create unique digital channel solutions for the public sector to improve interaction with citizens. 

Content Hub

Content Hub is an application that allows you to create and publish content on digital platforms.

Why choose our solutions?

The details that make a difference.

With a team of experienced consultants and project managers, you will always have your needs first.

With constant communication and interaction, your opinion and feedback are the base of our work.

At nearsoft, we pride ourselves on maintaining a constant evolution and updating of the technologies we use, such as distributed systems, scalable platforms, critical systems, high availability environments, and others.