KYC Know Your Customer

Stay on top of KYC compliance with Nearsoft. KYC regulations are continually changing and adapting. Whereas these rules once only affected financial institutions such as banks, today they are essential for a number of financial and non-financial institutions.

The entities regulated by KYC requirements vary from one country to another; particularly as legislation is often implemented at a national level.


Build Your Own Process

Mix and match our modules to create the perfect solution for your problems. Adapt the software to your unique business case, not the other way around.

Reduce fraud losses

With device and network analytics, we’ll make sure you know everything you need to, including if your customer is even real.

Comply with regulators

Ensure you meet all regulatory requirements without burdening your conversion rates for new customers.

Accelerate remote onboarding

Keep your customers engaged until the end with a simple and straightforward onboarding process.

Integrate easily

With the option of integrating, it’s as easy as can be to add Nearsoft to your new or existing product.

How KYC Onboarding works

We bring together everything you need to trust your customers. Our powerful platform supports your users onboarding, authentication, and compliance from start to finish.
The user takes a selfie and snaps a picture of both sides of its ID document, instantly uploading them to our cloud. Our AI uses optical character recognition and various spoofing detection tools to check the validity of the gathered information and double-check it with various registries.
When the ID is genuine and biometrical data analysis returns that the biometric data isn't spoofed, both are compared. If they match, the customer is halfway to having their verification request approved.
The gathered data is then automatically cross-referenced with sanctions, adverse media, and politically exposed person's screening lists: both in-house and external.
All accumulated information is then given to the dedicated KYC compliance specialist that adds a final confirmation to approve or deny your verification request.