360 analytics

It's a complete analytics tool that allows all areas of your organization to check technical, usability, and product information in real time. A fundamental tool to gain insights and leverage business, either in terms of technical or sales improvements. 


Custom Dashboards

Create your dashboards with drag and drop, inside your organization can be created all types of dashboards with business, technical, helpdesk, and other types of information.

Traffic Analysis

Can see the traffic of each application, by device, geographic origin, and type of utilization.

Process Flow

Can analyse the flow of your applications for each process, allowing you to analyse usability issues, subscription or buying flows, favorite products, and services.


Alerts can be configured based on the real-time values of Nearsoft products, just define the rules that will trigger notifications to all types of internal users or external clients and third-party organizations.

Anomaly Detection

The platform will warn you when an anomaly happens. You will be able to analyse and check what kind of anomaly is, promoting easy and fast issue solving.

Where to use 360 Analytics solution? 

A complete analytics module that allows all areas of your organization to check in real-time business and technical information about all running products.

Create high-level dashboards and alerts with management metrics and confidential alerts to help management decisions.

With 360 Analytics insights, you'll be able to understand better your customer's needs. You can use this tool to increase your cross-sell and upsell

Having a complete view of your customer's actions, you can give high-quality support. Analyse their problems, behaviors, or actions on just one screen, and promote better interaction and response.
360 Analytics can also help your IT team to understand issues with your digital banking applications.