Apr 18, 2024
2 min read

Nearsoft Announces Formation of International Board of Advisory to Propel Global Expansion

Nearsoft Announces Formation of International Board of Advisory to Propel Global Expansion

NEARSOFT, one of the leading specialists in Digital Banking Platforms, announced the creation of an International Board of Advisory today.

This new body is set up to offer strategic guidance and support the company’s ambitious growth plans into new and emerging markets, reinforcing Nearsoft's position as a critical digital ally to global business leaders.

Every organization today faces unique challenges reshaping their sectors, with digital transformation being a crucial component in responding to changing consumer expectations and business landscapes. The need for seasoned guidance has never been more critical, as NEARSOFT continues to innovate and drive value for clients worldwide.

Previously, NEARSOFT had focused on strengthening its market presence in specific regions. The formation of the International Board of Advisory marks a pivotal shift to a broader, more integrated global strategy that aligns with Nearsoft's vision for expansion.

The International Board of Advisory comprises distinguished business leaders from various industries, offering a wealth of experience and an expansive understanding of the transformative power NEARSOFT brings to the table. Their expertise will be instrumental in steering Nearsoft’s strategic initiatives and enhancing overall business value to our clients globally.

"Today, digital innovation is at the forefront of every business strategy, and companies are seeking trusted advisors to help navigate this journey," said Pedro Camacho, CEO of NEARSOFT. "Our new International Board of Advisors will play a crucial role in accelerating our clients' success across different geographies and industries," he added.